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The Power of Your Value

The Power of you and your DNA and what you bring to the table is valuable. The Value of you and why should someone call you back. What is your brand? Your brand is you and what you bring to the table, how creative are you when it comes to marketing yourself and your business. How do you set yourself apart from your competitors and standing out from the crowd. I once attended a Round Robin Networking event where individuals of companies had 3 minutes to introduced themselves, so to make myself unique I wore a crown and a sash like a beauty queen and imprinted the sash “Princess of Promos”, everyone stills remembers me from that event and I still get calls at my office and people ask for the “Princess of Promos”. The value you bring to a sale is your experience, achievements, knowledge of your industry and what you did in that sale that makes that customer keep coming back and you have more opportunities for referrals when you bring value.



Back to School Fundraiser

Billboard Ad Space
Billboard Ad Space

Whether you are out on the field, in the stands or tailgating in the parking lot, you have to have a place to sit. Seat cushions, stadium seats, folding chairs and cushions are a great custom fundraising idea for your Booster Club or to sell in your spirit shop. We also love these for corporate events, picnic and gifts. Cushions, Seats, Chairs…folding, portable with carrying bags and straps, some with built in coolers or ponchos or blankets… some in sport shapes and all a must for your game day in your colors, featuring your logo/mascot or text. So come on Take a Seat!

Custom Seat Cushions are among the most popular school and team spirit items we offer. If you have ever sat on a hard bench or bleacher at a game you know you need one!! LOTS of great options and we love that you can sell ad space on one side while featuring your school logo/mascot on the other. Many seat cushions can also be done in two-tone so you can show off both your school colors.

Evelyn Flynn, Creative Director