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  • Everyone uses them. No matter who your target client is they work.
  • They are useful. People keep them in cars, homes and offices.Custom Umbrella 1364405878
  • They are versatile. Your brand can be on one panel, alternating panels or over the entire umbrella.

Case History: St Catherine “Custom Umbrella”

Celebrating an 80th anniversary is a big deal, so why not create an incredible marketing piece with this full color/full bleed umbrella. Patrons of the hospital loved it and were happy to receive not only an attractive umbrella, but a functional gift as well.

Case History: Beverly Hills Hotel “Custom Umbrella”

This umbrella uses the signature colors of this famous hotel. A great service item for people staying at the hotel who did not bring an umbrella (for when it actually rains in Beverly Hills)


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Marketing Through Football Magnets

Football Magnet Schedule

The competition between brand players has intensified over the years. Companies are in frequent search for new ways to promote their products. Nowadays, advertisers are seeking magnets for advertising. There are magnets to pacify all types of people and sports schedule magnets are the most favored of the lot. Read through this article to know how a campaign becomes more meaningful due to the inclusion of football schedule magnets-

Football schedule magnets are specially designed for all those football lovers who can never miss the season game. These magnets have a high attraction power as it helps to curb the craziness of game lovers.

Distribution of these magnets is an easy and quick step. Advertisers can choose to operate through stores selling sports accessories or during some local sports matches or as a freebie with some purchases. As these magnets are small in size, customers can bring them home by saving on transportation costs.

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