American-Made Products are Still On

I receive my trade magazine Advantages last month and was so proud to see that they had a separate issue titled “American-Made Product are on Fire” that made me so proud to see the vast-majortiy of our products are USA-Made. Taking full advantage of the flexibility that Made-in-USA allows and it makes a strong case for why domestic manufacturing has such appeal to customers. One of my suppliers that has a traditional journals and can turn orders, faster, more reliably, and without the safety concerns of direct importing. Reading these articles in this magazine made me proud to have a business in the promotional industry and knowing that I help support precious American jobs by purchasing some of these products from some of these suppliers for my clients.

Case Study from Snugz USA: Last summer a they imprinted a USA Jumbo Sunscreen Sticks and were used at a professional golf tournament as a promotion. “Attendees were greeted with a useful, high-quality item that was convenient to use and store. “Plus is was a USA-made product. It was a perfect item for the event because the recipients were outside in the sun for long period of time and they used the jumbo sunscreen sticks to reapply their SPF. It’s always a good idea to by American, especially when shopping for personal-care products like sunscreen or lip balm.  With all the Festivals, Tailgating, Company Picnics and Labor Day Events in the works right now, USA-made products are a great way to promote your business while distributing a high-quality product that recipients will appreciate and use.

  National Geographic Society is celebrating 127 years this year, first opening its doors as a publisher of guide books and maps. They have since added DVD’s, books and a worldwide TV channel to their offerings. There tagline line today is “To Inspire People to Care about the Planet”. They are still know for travel, photography and storytelling.” There bestselling “Journeys of a Lifetime” has been popular in tiered gifting programs and  as a  gift-with-purchase item for health-care and insurance companies looking to encourage continued use of their services. The client can have a National Geographic add and elegant, permanent message, called a tip-in page, in the front of the book. It displays a logo, the message and even personalization up to five colors. They promote literacy have a high-perceived value and can be easily customized. After reading about each one of these suppliers I’m going to be making sure that I think about “American Made Products” and offer suggestions to clients when they are looking to brand their business.

These companies range of USA Products from apparel, drinkware, journals, mats, corporate gifts, books, calendars, folders, awards, #1 foam finger, match boxes, coasters to moisture wicking apparel.

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