Techy Wearables

Do you like carrying your Tech Gadgets, laptop, tablet and mobile phone when traveling on a plane or train? This Off The Grid Jacket is etched-out for digital-age movers & shakers who value extreme efficiency, especially when traveling. The big “wow” feature is that it has two front panels that can hold a full-size laptop.

Features: Machine-washable, the OTG is nano-treated for water and stain resistance. What makes this jacket so unique is its 29 thoughtfully engineered pockets. Those pockets include the laptop space, plus a PadPocket for holding a tablet and two interior Clear Touch Pockets for smartphones. There’s also an RFTD-blocking pocket where users can place credit cards and passports. Finally, the jacket features an internal conduit system so wearers can run headphones wires out to their ears, avoiding tangling.

Contact Evelyn Flynn: 225-767-8762 . 225-677-9602 .

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