The Top Seven Trends in Swag They’re Guaranteed to Love

Who doesn’t love swag! It’s an odd-sounding colloquial term that describes products companies use to market or promote their brand. Swag, also sometimes called schwag, is usually printed with a company’s name, logo, and/or colors. Look for these top seven promotional products to be waved in front of you at your next trade show or doled out in an upcoming marketing program.

1. Umbrellas
As much as we all wish we could predict the weather, we simply can’t always foresee the rain. Rain can be one of the most frustrating annoyances at a conference, trade show or sales call, which is where free umbrellas can come in clutch. Not only will it make the attendee experience better, but it’ll also create buzz around how well prepared your company is for any given situation. Now that’s impressive.
Be sure you get enough of them. And rest assured swag umbrellas with your branded logo will be used and seen long after the event or conference ends.
An example is the 48” arc inverted-style umbrella. It has contrasting color on the underside, manual open/close, pongee fabric and straight rubberized finger grip handle.
But it stands out for its revolutionary design. This umbrella closes away from you, keeping you dry when closing. It’s easier to close when entering or leaving a car or through a door. How is this not more popular!

2. Backpacks
Backpacks are a practical swag item as they are reusable in multiple contexts. This Samsonite MVS Spinner Backpack is excellent to take on business trips to carry your computer, has zippered water bottle pockets, a push-button locking ergonomic handle for comfortable transport, and four multi-directional spinner wheels that allow 360-degree upright rolling so there is no weight on your arm. These can be used as a Red Carpet Swag Gift to be given out at your conference and stuffed with branded swag.

3. Notebooks
These might be old-school, but paper items like moleskine notebooks can be convey swag. Even in an age when most everything is done digitally, moleskines are still one of the most popular items for taking notes. They’re also a lot classier than a classic spiral notebook, making them more of a novelty that many attendees will enjoy using both during and after the conference or tradeshow. This moleskine notebook should get serious consideration when picking out what to give away.

4. Tech swag is always a big hit with attendees. Where would we be without our phones? We’re running our empires and our lives from our portable devices.

The perfect accessory: Kronies. These earbuds provide wireless freedom, allowing you to listen to your favorite jams or make calls with crisp, clear sound from the built-in microphone. Your brand can be music to someone’s ears when you give out the lightweight and portable Kronies that have a 33-foot wireless range, up to three hours of audio playtime, and In-ear play/pause/call control.

5Cool Gadget:SmartDrive™ is a service technology that allows companies to update information on USB drives after they have been distributed to customers or employees. SmartDrives are a ubiquitous, low-cost, easy-to-use means to maintain delivery of information to recipients.
Here are some examples of how SmartDrives are used:
Maintaining insurance application forms for sales employees/resellers. The SmartDrive USB stores all the files they need, and updates the files each time the drive is plugged in. The USB stored files also allow access to information when on the go, between home and work computer, or at customer offices, with or without internet connectivity.
Providing customers with the most current product specification documents, installation videos, or accessories.
Replacing mailed catalogs or CDs so that new versions can be updated more frequently and be kept current at a lower cost.
Update or send materials presented at a conference after the event has ended. Send the keynote video or presentation documents so attendees can view later.

6. Chic and Safe Carrying Device
We carry our tech devices with us at all times. So, leave an impression by offering swag that protects these all-important devices. A chic way to protect iPads and tablets is with a soft and durable microfiber cloth bag. The Opper Fiber® Tablet cloth bags are specifically designed to provide chemical-free, scratch-resistant storage, act as a cleaning cloth for tablets, and they can store eye glasses, jewelry, lenses, and other electronic devices. Opper Fiber® products are made with a special blend that eliminates the need for a cleaning spray solution.

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